There is a huge gap between an earned degree and an expected delivery in the real world. The degree surely educates with the theoretical understanding of the fundamentals but doesn’t necessarily equip with the framework to deliver the results. The world is getting flatter with every passing day and the Supply Chains are crisscrossing the globe like never before in the history of mankind. The continuous education on the tools & techniques is the only answer to keep up with the global demand. The coaches at COZ CLUB are seasoned business practitioners and bring invaluable strategies and tactics to conduct successful business, globally!


We educate on the tools and techniques to scale-up the businesses …

  • Build – Develop tools to maximize the returns on investment
  • Improve – Identify and implement right operational processes
  • Engage – Expand in new regions and launch new products categories
  • Initiate – Infuse organizational transformation and innovative tactics
  • Boost – Lift your credentials with the ‘Certificate of Excellence’

COZ CLUB is the bridge between the degree and delivery!