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Quality Assurance

A negligible lapse in quality can be disastrous to the overall credibility of an organization! The quality got to be right for the product to prosper at the targeted price point. As the saying goes, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”.


We assist in…

  • Factory Audits – conduct reviews for various protocols like Social Compliance, Ethical Sourcing, Environment Protection, C-TPAT and ISO standards
  • Testing & Certifications – coordinate to acquire listings like UL, ETL, CSA, CE, GS, NSF to name a few and to secure the results from authentic 3 rd party laboratories
  • Incoming Quality Control – the first checkpoint where all the incoming raw materials are inspected thoroughly to avoid potential issues and delays at advanced stages
  • In-process Quality Control – continuous checks through the manufacturing process and during the assembly to ensure that the design and functionality of the product is safeguarded
  • Final Quality Control – conclusive packaging, secured staging, and pre-shipment inspections to assure that a product is delivered as per the customer’s quality specifications and requirements

COZ CLUB is here to assist you with a perfect product, satisfaction guaranteed!